Venetiaanse maskers van Easytoys

An eye mask is the perfect accessory for any lingerie set. In addition, a Venetian mask is also very nice to wear during a masquerade ball, for example. In the Easytoys Fetish Collection you can find different types of masks that complete all your seductive sets.

Easytoys Fetish Collection

The Venetian masks from the Easytoys Fetish Collection are made of high-quality materials and have an optimal fit. By means of the satin straps you can easily determine how tightly you wear the mask. The masks are therefore suitable for every woman and every size.

There is a mask available for every outfit, for example combine a seductive corset with an Easytoys mask and drive your partner completely crazy. Or wear our sexy masks to a masquerade ball or party and make every man want you. However and when you wear these masks, with a mask from the Easytoys Fetish Collection you are ready to seduce!